SPECIALIZED’s corporate philosophy and approach to Construction Services is highly collaborative and comprehensive. Working together as an integrated team, we will help define shared project goals against which we will benchmark and measure our progress and success.


SPECIALIZED's highly skilled team of painters is trained and qualified to handle any type of commercial painting project. For over 26 years, our painting teams have served clients in every industry and on just about every type of building.


SPECIALIZED has over 26 years of historic and structural restoration/ preservation project experience. SPECIALIZED is proud to have worked on many iconic and historic structures including The University of Tampa, Snell Arcade, The Ringling Ca’d’Zan, ...



SPECIALIZED’s corporate philosophy and approach to Construction Services is highly collaborative and comprehensive.  Working together as an integrated team, we will help define shared project goals against which we will benchmark and measure our progress and success.  Our main role in this process is to help design the project within your budget, develop the most efficient schedule and phasing plan and ensure the highest quality standards and scope of work are being met. During the construction phase, we will continue our goal of providing the highest quality product delivered on time and within the budget.



SPECIALIZED’s approach to Preconstruction Services is attentive attention to detail; collective and complete. We will work with you to establish project goals and critical success factors. The simple goal of preconstruction is to Maximize the Value of Your Investment.



Yes, many Construction Management firms are qualified to provide construction services but SPECIALIZED is repeatedly chosen because of our core values of VALUE, HONESTY, and COMMITMENT which enables us to stand out in the industry. ​You can rely on SPECIALIZED to “take charge” of your project, drive the schedule, provide high quality results and complete your project on time and within budget.


What does it mean?

According to the SPECIALIZED dictionary, occupied, revenue generating space is defined as a place of business that serves its employees, customers, students, patients or others, which is either operating or will be in the very near future, all while generating revenue.


While this may seem complicated, simply put, if a facility has to remain open or open up in a expeditious manner, all while having renovations of one form or another completed, SPECIALIZED calls this occupied, revenue generating space.


SPECIALIZED serves clients for construction, painting and restoration services with a specialty for those facilities which are occupied and revenue generating.

Examples of this include the 230 Walgreens stores that received all new interior signage, graphics and a new paint scheme all while they stayed open during the process.

Enterprise Rent A Car engaged SPECIALIZED to remodel several sites all while they remained operational.

A SPECIALIZED client for 25+ years, The Home Depot stays open all but 2 days per year and SPECIALIZED continues to perform remodels, painting and safety related projects for this mega retailer. 


While many companies shy away from working in and on facilities where employees, customers, students, patients or others are, SPECIALIZED steps up to the challenge and delivers Performance Driven, 24/7 service all while living up to our core values of Value, Honesty and Commitment.



SPECIALIZED has completed many aggressive, fast-paced, and complex summer projects on school campuses. 
Summer projects require intense preparation and thorough planning in order to be successful. We have never delivered a project late. SPECIALIZED will have your project complete before the bell rings.

The key to success is truly understanding the scope, intense planning, development of a detailed and realistic schedule for design and construction and then holding everyone accountable for delivering their commitments on time.This is the preparation and process that has allowed us to complete summer projects on time.

The SPECIALIZED team recognizes building or renovating on an active school or university campus introduces challenges and opportunities that do not exist on a new “green field” development. SPECIALIZED has successfully completed and delivered hundreds of projects on active school and university campuses. Constructing projects where logistical, operational, and access challenges exist is our specialty!




SPECIALIZED sends our Team of first responders to clients in a hurricane’s path.  SPECIALIZED knows what kind of damage can occur under these weather conditions. Our Disaster Command Center, requires all Team members to check in routinely to ensure they are safe and to report all assessment damage. The Team is trained on each of their clients’ requirements, which could include a pre storm inspection, post storm damage assessment, emergency repairs and post storm rebuilding. 

The first and foremost important item in a disaster is safety, followed by getting SPECIALIZED’s clients’ facilities up and running so they can serve the local community; whether they are a retail location, educational facility, office space, healthcare, hospitality, government building or iconic property.

Getting them back up to speed is what they trust SPECIALIZED to do!



SPECIALIZED takes great pride in presenting our company and we are confident as you get to know us; you will find us to be a collective team of leaders who relentlessly strive towards excellence.

SPECIALIZED is a Performance Driven 24-7 construction, commercial painting and historic restoration service provider. Our team of professionals, unsurprisingly, compared SPECIALIZED to a motor sports team within the racing industry. As the racing theme exemplifies the characteristics of the “fast-track” speed and focus of SPECIALIZED operations; the concept of teamwork, efficiency and quality management are demonstrated by SPECIALIZED’s Team of experts. The racing mindset is focused on accelerating clients to the “winners circle” and avoiding road blocks. The motorsport racing industry has given clear insight into the world of competition and taught SPECIALIZED training, communication, teamwork and performance standards are essential to successfully crossing the finish line.



SPECIALIZED’s experienced artisans have exceptional knowledge and fine craftsmanship to repair, restore, and replace historical elements to meet the requirements of even the most demanding conservators and architects.


SPECIALIZED’s full service restoration program offers complete interior and exterior restoration work on all types of older buildings, including institutional, commercial and liturgical buildings; and residences.


Historical Preservation Awards have been granted to many of our historical restoration projects. Our artisans fine workmanship, high standard of customer service and history of getting the job done on time and budget assures our clients quality they can trust.

We thoroughly enjoyed
working with the sps team

Team of Skilled artisans to protect the patina of time