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Sean Carney, CEO, founded SPECIALIZED in 1993 with the vision of being the best service provider in the business and predicated on 24/7 performance anytime anywhere. A general contractor empowered with an inner drive for success, Sean is an inspiration to his “racing team” of professionals to get the job done. The company’s proven track record is a testimony of the effectual momentum of his Team at SPECIALIZED. Sean’s unyielding belief in the company’s core values; Value, Honesty and Commitment is the driving force which he credits their continued success.  “We bring value to our clients and our clients value us.  We are honest with clients and they are honest with us.  We are committed to our clients and our clients are committed to us.”

COO | Specializedservicesgroup


Dan Carney, co-founder of SPECIALIZED is one of the propelling forces behind the successful operation. Dan’s philosophy and mantra is “Yes, we can!” and under his direction, the company always does. His consistent focus is to provide quality service while maintaining the velocity clients have known and come to expect from SPECIALIZED. Dan’s main role is customer facing relationship building, account manager, increasing service offerings and capabilities with existing customers. Some of SPECIALIZED’s existing customers include, Home Depot, Floor & Décor, University of Tampa, USAA, First Industrial, Family Dollar, H&R Block and many more.

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Dan Martucci, President, has spent 26 years in the Building Products and Services industry. After 10 years in a corporate sales and management career, Dan shifted into entrepreneurial gear and has been a partner with SPECIALIZED for the past 17 years. Dan’s mission is to grow the company by focusing on business development, sourcing talent, increasing service offerings  and building client relationships.  His experience includes partnering with an international retailer and creating a model that grew from a single office to 240 locations across 3 states in 2 years as well as working with a financial client to renovate 412 properties in 12 months.  Dan’s approach of succeeding with consistent results is his passion.

General Manager | Specializedservicesgroup

Bo Carney - General Manager

Bo Carney is the General Manager of SPECIALIZED. She joined the team in 2005 bringing twenty-five years’ experience of progressive business success in multiple industries and a proven ability to manage effectively in a fast-paced environment coupled with an inflexible commitment to high standards. Tasked with the day to day management of taking SPECIALIZED to the next level, Bo brings a tenacious commitment to manage by a Performance Driven 24-7 strategic process-aligning the company to complement the customer’s total experience rather than traditional industrial structures. Bo is responsible for managing leading indicators and holding the SPECIALIZED team accountable to performance commitments ensuring overall organizational success.