Old Christ Church, Pensacola, Florida

Christ Church, completed in 1832, is one of Florida’s oldest church buildings.  The building as it stands today is the result of an 1879 renovation, which included additions, adding 20’ to the bell tower and raising the pitch of the roof.  The building was used as a barracks and chapel for Union soldiers during the Civil War.  It was vacant from 1905 until 1933 when the City of Pensacola acquired it and turned it into a library, then a museum.  It is now part of the Historic Pensacola Village, which is owned and managed by the University of West Florida Historic Trust.  Old Christ Church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and it is also in the Pensacola Historic District, which is both on the National Register and is a local historic district.


Our carpenters built new windows for the arched openings in the bell tower.  The original windows were long gone and had been replaced with second growth pine windows that had started to rot.  We built new windows that were based on the dimensions and lite pattern from historic photographs.  This work was partially funded by a historic preservation grant from the State of Florida, which required strict adherence to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.