University of Tampa, Florida

The University of Tampa’s iconic Plant Hall was originally constructed as the Tampa Bay Hotel by railroad and shipping giant Henry B. Plant between 1888 and 1891.  The Moorish Revival hotel was designed by J.A. Wood, a New York architect who became known for his work in that Victorian era style.  The building is characterized by it fanciful wood porches and its distinctive and numerous minarets.  The hotel became the campus for the University of Tampa in 1933 and a portion of the building is now used as the Henry B. Plant Museum.  The Tampa Bay Hotel was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976.


SPS has been working on various aspects of this historic edifice for a number of years.  We have been involved in correcting structural problems and improving drainage systems.  We have re-pointed, plastered, water proofed and painted.  Our carpenters have been involved with window restoration and the repair and duplication of decorative wood work.  We have also completed the restoration of some of the minarets and replicated artwork.