Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains, Georgia

The centerpiece of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site is the old Plains High School, built in 1921.  The school closed in 1979 and reopened in 1996 as the museum and visitor center for the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, which encompasses the historic downtown, the train depot and the Carter farm.  The Neoclassical style school is the most imposing structure in the small town.


The original windows in the school were replaced with Marvin aluminum clad windows during the renovation in the 1990s.  The problem with most clad windows is that eventually, the glue which holds the cladding to the wood fails, allowing wind-blown rain to soak the interior grade wood, which then rots.  We replicated the 20 large windows in the auditorium in time for a President’s Day event featuring Jimmy and Rosalind Carter.