Ca d’Zan, Sarasota, Florida

The home of John and Mable Ringling, the 36,000 square foot Venetian Gothic mansion known as Ca d’Zan was completed in 1926.  The Ringlings, who were inspired by the architecture of Europe, hired New York architect Dwight James Baum to design their home.  John Ringling made his name in the circus and diversified by investing in railroads, oil and real estate.  After Ca d’Zan was completed, he moved the winter home of the circus to Sarasota.  Mabel only lived at Ca d’Zan for 3 years and after John died in 1936, the property was bequeathed to the State.  It did not open to the public until 10 years later.  The house unfortunately experienced gradual decline under the care of the State until it was closed.  After governance was transferred to Florida State University, the property was completely restorated using historic documentation and reopened in 2002.  Ca d’Zan is within the Caples’-Ringlings’ Estates National Register Historic District, which was listed in 1982. 


Since the restoration in the early 2000s, the management of Ca d’Zan has been most interested in the regular maintenance of the estate.  SPS has engaged in much of that maintenance work over the years.  Our work has included window restoration, marble rehabilitation, re-pointing, waterproofing, skylight repairs, gold leaf replacement, plaster repairs, installing decorative plaster finishes and roofing.